What Gives Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (Cole) the Right to Judge?

Cheryl-FernandezVersiniThe Xfactor has been back on our screens for a while now and it’s fair to say that the judges are getting comfortable. For anyone who might have missed the Xfactor over its long 10 year run, the format of the show consists of a singing contest that is judged by a panel of ‘music experts’. The 2014 panel line up is this: Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell, Mel B and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (Cole). Simon and Louis are both music managers and have successfully managed a number of high profile bands in their careers. Mel B was a singer in the 90s girl band phenomena Spice Girls and Cheryl’s rise to fame was found in Girls Aloud.

So for the last few week the judges have been travelling the UK for the open auditions, looking for the next person who might have the Xfactor but who are they to really judge?  For instance Cheryl made her rise to fame with the pop band Girls Aloud. Girls Aloud were a sensation selling out concerts and putting their name on any brand that would have them. However their fans were mainly the younger audience, an audience that was yet to grow up and learn to define good music from bad.

Cheryl then left the band to become a solo artist, unfortunately though she could never go completely solo because of her good friend auto tune. Her good friend auto tune has practically carried her entire solo career that and her shining talent in lip singing. All of Cheryl’s real live performances have been met with criticism due to her not being able to sing her own songs. The criticism got so heavy at one point that she even admitted that she was going to take singing lessons to her improve her live performances.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Cheryl was once the Xfactor’s sweetheart then it’s hard to believe that she would have made the sales that she did on her solo adventure. During her first stint on the Xfactor she was heavily promoted and gave several ‘live performances’.  So it does make you wonder doesn’t it how she could possibly judge others on their talent. In one of this year’s episodes Cheryl referred to a women as ugly because of her desperation to get into the singing contest. She pouted about sulked about the fact that the other three judges had put this women through, who to her defence could actually sing.

When the Xfactor was due back on the television all the judges were subjected to give interviews about the up and coming season. Most of the judges spoke about how they were looking forward to finding talent and getting back on the road but Cheryl chose to spend all her interview time talking about how she had made Simon Cowell beg her to come back. There was interview after interview of Cheryl basically saying the same thing and it was all me me me.

Cheryl doesn’t have the right to judge anyone on their singing abilities, she got lucky with her career. She managed to make her way into a successful auto tuned pop band who were rinsed for their millions. There young hopefuls going on the Xfactor today are looking for the same opportunity that she got and she just throws them away.

Top 5 Albums of 2014

2014 is coming to a close or that’s what Facebook is telling me with every other post being about the impending doom that is Christmas. So I thought I would have a look back at some of the albums being released this year and compile you a list of the top five albums that really stuck out to me. I’m sorry you won’t find anything about 1 Direction or Justin Beiber here, this list is for real music, the kind that’s sung with the heart not the wallet.

I know what you are thinking; does that kind of music still exist anymore? The answer is if you look in the right places you can always find music that is made with love and not just with auto tune. So here is what 2014 had to offer in the real music collection!

Bastille – Bad Blood

albumkay I have cheated a tiny bit, this album actually came out in 2013 BUT it didn’t really get the attention it deserved until 2014, so that is it why it is featuring on this list. Bastille are a rare breed of band, they managed to hit the charts with their hit song Pompeii (featured on this album) but their music isn’t the sell-out chart filler that you normally come across. There isn’t a filler song on the entire album and you can tell that every song on their album means something to them.



Ed Sheeran – X

fewfHonestly this has only made the list because of his previous album which was self-titled. His first album was full of heart and you could really tell that those were the words that he wanted to sing. Ed Sheeran is known for writing his own music and his first album was a thing of musical beauty, featuring such tracks as the A-Team and Drunk. His second album however is a failed delivery and it was clearly made with money in mind. This doesn’t take away from the fact though that many of the songs were written by him and that if you removed the over the top pop backing tracks there could actually be some diamonds in the rough.


Taylor Swift – 1989

ffewfI know what you are thinking, so I made fun of one direction but I’m putting Taylor Swift on the list, how does that work? I can assure you though it does. Taylor Swift has received a lot of stick for writing songs about her partner’s but everyone seems to forget the fact that she writes these songs herself. Some of them might sound like teenage complaints and mumblings but the words are coming from her heart and that’s where the soul of music resides!


You + Me – Rose Ave

fwefwPink and Dallas Green got together to form this beautiful album. It didn’t make it as big as some of the albums that pink has released over the years but that isn’t because the music is lacking. In fact it’s more due to the fact the album was released under a different name.




Kesha –  Untitled

fwefAgain Kesha might seem like an odd ball choice to put on this list but if you take away all the hype that surrounds her, you would be surprised by how much heart is actually in her music. All the songs featuring on her new album which is set to be released by the end of this year were all wrote by her.