Rocks Stars Who Rocks Electronic Cigarettes

article-2389237-1B39FC6B000005DC-639_634x465With electronic cigarettes on the rise, Music and Hollywood stars have a brand new preference when it comes to smoking. Electronic cigarettes has been on the scene for about the last 10 years, and have recently attracted the attention of many A list music and Hollywood stars.

Off stage and movie sets, celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Courtney Love, Simon Cowell, Kat Moss, Kayne West and Katy Perry have been seen using an electronic cigarette.

As well as in back stage concerts. Rock starts like Katy Perry can been seen smoking an e-cig on stage, Perry uses her e-cig on a train, and was asked about they she was using it in a no-smoking area, she replied, that she isn’t really smoking, because this is an electronic cigarette and they are exempt from being banned in public areas.

Many people are asking Why they should care about any rock stars or Hollywood celebrities smoking habits. The simple answer is because, how these stars chose to smoke has a big influence on the popularity of smoking all over the world, and especially among the younger generations.

Threw research, they have found that, exposure to images of celebrities smoking on stage and film, increases the odds that younger kids will wat to try smoking, whether it be just one putt or a 10 packs a day. Smoking in movies and on stage portrays smoking as cool, sexy, glamorous, and kids who struggles with finding their identity look to their favorite rocks stars and celebrities as role models, and would copy what they are doing.

As Andy Warhol stated “it’s the movies that have really been running things in America ever cine they where invented. They show what you want be and do, and also when to do it, how to do it and also how you should feel about it.

Since the beginning of film reels and concert halls, smoking has been part of the scene from the start. Since then this industry has come a very long way. From black and white to color, then digital editing came along, next special effects turned to computer animation and CGI. With all these improvements in this industry, its about time technology invented a better way of smoking. And it looks like the numbers of celebrities turning in their regular cigarettes for the new and improve electronic cigarettes.

If you want to learn more, or are considering making a switch to electronic cigarettes, you can check out or for a more in depth information about kicking the habit

What Gives Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (Cole) the Right to Judge?

Cheryl-FernandezVersiniThe Xfactor has been back on our screens for a while now and it’s fair to say that the judges are getting comfortable. For anyone who might have missed the Xfactor over its long 10 year run, the format of the show consists of a singing contest that is judged by a panel of ‘music experts’. The 2014 panel line up is this: Louis Walsh, Simon Cowell, Mel B and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (Cole). Simon and Louis are both music managers and have successfully managed a number of high profile bands in their careers. Mel B was a singer in the 90s girl band phenomena Spice Girls and Cheryl’s rise to fame was found in Girls Aloud.

So for the last few week the judges have been travelling the UK for the open auditions, looking for the next person who might have the Xfactor but who are they to really judge?  For instance Cheryl made her rise to fame with the pop band Girls Aloud. Girls Aloud were a sensation selling out concerts and putting their name on any brand that would have them. However their fans were mainly the younger audience, an audience that was yet to grow up and learn to define good music from bad.

Cheryl then left the band to become a solo artist, unfortunately though she could never go completely solo because of her good friend auto tune. Her good friend auto tune has practically carried her entire solo career that and her shining talent in lip singing. All of Cheryl’s real live performances have been met with criticism due to her not being able to sing her own songs. The criticism got so heavy at one point that she even admitted that she was going to take singing lessons to her improve her live performances.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Cheryl was once the Xfactor’s sweetheart then it’s hard to believe that she would have made the sales that she did on her solo adventure. During her first stint on the Xfactor she was heavily promoted and gave several ‘live performances’.  So it does make you wonder doesn’t it how she could possibly judge others on their talent. In one of this year’s episodes Cheryl referred to a women as ugly because of her desperation to get into the singing contest. She pouted about sulked about the fact that the other three judges had put this women through, who to her defence could actually sing.

When the Xfactor was due back on the television all the judges were subjected to give interviews about the up and coming season. Most of the judges spoke about how they were looking forward to finding talent and getting back on the road but Cheryl chose to spend all her interview time talking about how she had made Simon Cowell beg her to come back. There was interview after interview of Cheryl basically saying the same thing and it was all me me me.

Cheryl doesn’t have the right to judge anyone on their singing abilities, she got lucky with her career. She managed to make her way into a successful auto tuned pop band who were rinsed for their millions. There young hopefuls going on the Xfactor today are looking for the same opportunity that she got and she just throws them away.